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Wedding cakes

The wedding cake tradition dates back hundreds of years. Even the Romans had a similar tradition where; instead of a cake, they baked biscuits and cookies which the bride and groom ate as their first ‘meal’ together. This custom was to appease the gods and bless the bride and groom with a fruitful marriage and many children. The first person to bake a wedding cake was an Englishman who fashioned a cake in the shape of the church that stood opposite his bakery. Today, wedding cakes comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

We specialise in wedding cakes and can make almost any dream come true. From classic designs to ultra-modern delights, anything is possible.

Creative cakes

Anything is possible from golf courses and tennis courts, to vintage cars and houses. Come in and discuss your ideas with us or send us an email with your pictures, plans and designs!

We are happy to give you a quote!